So What is online marketing?


So What is online marketing? This is a question asked not only by students and those who have newly entered the business world. All too frequently it is asked by many who have spent years engaged in commercial and industrial activity.

This website seeks to explain in straightforward terms what is meant by the ONLINE MARKETING concept. ONLINE MARKETING is essentially an attitude of mind. Its principles apply to all forms of commercial enterprises. Although selling plays an essential part the total ONLINE MARKETING function is concerned with a much wider spectrum embracing market research and analysis, product planning, co-ordination and pricing, advertising and promotion as well as the study of distribution policies and methods.

Marketing Online is primarily for self-study but will be found equally helpful to students studying for the GCSE Certificates and Diplomas and also for those studying for the Diploma in ONLINE MARKETING of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

WE should like to record my thanks to Ms Anne Widdicombe, former acting Principal of the College of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, whose support has been invaluable.

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