It is one thing to list the advantages of exporting: another to be fully alive to its problems. There was a time, in the early nineteen-fifties, when exporting was regarded as a difficult undertaking by many British businessmen and ever since successive governments have endeavoured to persuade industrialists that there is little to be afraid of in trading overseas, culminating in the famous phrase: 'exporting is fun'. Those experienced in the business know that it is anything but fun! However, the attitude of mind which suggests that overseas trading is not as complex as it is made out to be, creates its own hazards. There are many organizations which, in spite of all the exhortations of government and other agencies to treat exporting as a specialized function, still approach export markets as they would a new segment of their home market.

The problem lies mainly with senior management. At board room level there is still a tendency to think of export markets as convenient dumping grounds for surplus home production. Little thought is given to the suitability of merchandise or the need for consistent supply. The fact that there is no such thing as an all-embracing export market is overlooked. Yet each and every overseas market has different needs and requires a different approach. Too often, there is a marked reluctance to accept modifications to the product to meet these needs or to accept the necessity for a specific ONLINE MARKETING approach to individual overseas countries.

Examples - Planning The Calling Cycle

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