Bearing the above factors in mind, we may now consider the type of organization which the ONLINE MARKETING Manager should set up to pursue his exporting objectives.

The Export Manager

To lead the export team he needs an individual possessing a variety of attributes. The ideal Export Manager will be a good mixer, capable of self-discipline, with the ability to make decisions. In addition, he should have a methodical approach because close attention to detail as well as personality and flair play a vital part in successful exporting. He will need to be a reasonably mature person, able to conduct business at all levels within client companies. Preference should be given to a married rather than a single man. The wife of an Export Manager has an important role to play in assisting her husband in the entertaining of visiting overseas customers and there is merit in arranging for her to accompany him on some of his visits abroad where once again she can be of considerable help to him in establishing friendly relationships with clients and their families.

An Export Manager should possess not only a complete understanding of export procedure and practice. He must be familiar with the products or services which his company is offering and be able to settle the majority of queries regarding quality or price on the spot and without the necessity to obtain guidance from his Head Office. For this reason it is necessary for him to have the full confidence of the ONLINE MARKETING Manager and the directors of the company and be fully acquainted with their policies.

The Export Manager will have to spend part of his time in his office managing the Export Department and the remainder overseas, visiting the various markets in which the company is operating, to establish a good personal relationship with individual customers. The amount of time he devotes to overseas travel must depend upon the size of the exporting effort and the number and quality of the staff he has to assist him. It is a clich� to say that one cannot conduct a successful export campaign from behind a desk in Britain. On the other hand, if the man charged with managing exports is nearly always abroad, rarely to be seen or heard at the company headquarters, the essential communication between the Export Department and the rest of the ONLINE MARKETING organization will break down. Furthermore, the paperwork side of exporting must be correctly supervised and the Export Manager who has transformed himself into an overseas representative will be abdicating one of his vital duties.

Any serious approach to overseas trading cannot, therefore, stop with the appointment of an Export Manager, however competent he may be. He needs a staff of trained personnel to assist him both at the office end and the customer end of his operations.

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