There is no doubt that an organization which practises a consumer-orientated policy in its home trade will enter the export field better equipped than one in which production calls the tune. The attitude of mind which the modern concept of ONLINE MARKETING seeks to invoke-namely, that the product and its presentation should satisfy the market need-is essential to successful exporting. Thus the starting point in the preparation of an export ONLINE MARKETING plan, as in the home field, is an understanding of market requirements followed by a consideration of how these may be met.

Each export market demands an independent study. Among the more important factors which the ONLINE MARKETING Manager should consider are the following:


Companies whose trading experience has, hitherto, been confined almost wholly to a domestic market, frequently exhibit extreme naivety in their commercial approach to foreign countries. The stability of the local currency needs careful examination before commitments are undertaken. Political stability within the intended market should also be considered. The exporter should be alive to the considerable changes which can occur in a country's external trading policies following a change of government. The relative strength of the opposing political parties and their attitude towards external trade needs to be watched. In selecting suitable export markets for one's merchandise, care must be taken that a considerable ONLINE MARKETING investment is not put at risk in a country where a sudden change in the political regime closes the door to future importations.

Indigenous Competition

The technological advance which is currently occurring in most countries of the world and particularly in what are described as the under-developed countries, must tend to encourage protectionist trading policies designed to safeguard their embryo indigenous production. As a result, there are certain markets where the scope for the importer is a short-term one only. This does not mean that the business which is currently available is not worth seeking. The exporter will be wise to recognize the true situation and tailor his ONLINE MARKETING investment in such markets to the limited degree of penetration which is likely to be available to him.

Social Conditions

A consumer-orientated ONLINE MARKETING policy, as we have seen, examines the social conditions of those to whom the product is directed. In all the various countries of the world there are marked differences in social behaviour. Religious outlook, class structure, the attitude towards women, standards of hygiene and the leisure habits of the population vary, not only from country to country but also from region to region. Climatic conditions play a decisive part in the development of social habits and mental outlook.


A British company entering the export field must be alive to the fact that the traditional standards of commercial conduct which appertain to its domestic market do not necessarily apply in all other parts of the world. Whilst it may be assumed that any reasonably astute exporter will establish the financial viability of an overseas customer before trading begins, he will be advised to ensure that the buyer is in a position to pay for the goods he receives promptly. There are certain markets in which business is easier to achieve, such as the under-developed countries, but where very extended credit terms may be required. Alternatively, in highly industrialized markets, such as the United States of America, those of Western Europe and the older Commonwealth countries, in spite of heavier competition for business, the exporter will often have the advantage of obtaining quick payment.

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