We have seen that the advent of mass-production brought revolutionary changes to distribution methods. These are still going on. Today, however, they result not from innovation in manufacturing techniques so much as changes in social habits and the needs of the consumer.

The producer of merchandise destined for consumer markets should be alive to this fluid situation and maintain a constant review of his distribution policy. In Britain, especially, further changes in the pattern of retailing will accompany widespread changes in the pattern of living which seem inevitable over the next ten to fifteen years. The continuing modernization of British industry will see the decline of certain types of enterprise and the rise of others. This must lead to an increased mobility in the population with all that this will entail. Fewer people will live out their lives in one house in one town in one county. Homes will change hands more frequently. As building land becomes increasingly scarce, urban houses which have become outdated will be demolished long before they become derelict, to make room for new. Similarly, the contents of homes will be replaced, not because they are worn out, but because their owners will tire of them.

One of the greatest social revolutions of recent times has been the growth of credit trading. The stigma which once attached to 'living on tick' has disappeared. The philosophy of 'live now, pay later' has freed large sections of the population from the servitude of saving for the material things of life. The result is that disposability, once regarded as wasteful and, therefore, reprehensible, has now become socially acceptable. In future, fewer and fewer products will be made to last, simply because the consumer will no longer require them to last.

In this webpage we shall examine the current pattern of distribution for consumer goods and also shall attempt to glimpse at some of the newer trends which may provide signposts for the future.

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