The Advertising 'Platform'

The Advertising 'Platform'

The Advertising 'Platform'

Detailed information of this kind will enable the agency staff to create what is known as an advertising 'platform' or general theme'. This is the vital part of the whole exercise because this theme, once agreed upon, will be the basis upon which the entire advertising campaign will be built. Such a theme will have to be unique in the particular product field concerned. It must also find appeal with all the various attitudes and living habits of the consumers which make up the appropriate market segment. Its purpose will be to convey to the consumer an agreeable impression of the product, one which will encourage him to want to buy it.

The following are some of the more obvious examples of advertising 'platforms':

Type of Product Possible Theme or 'Platform'

Petrol The enjoyment of travel combined with economy.

Cars The experience of 'power' linked with safety.

Pre-cooked meals Appetizing nourishment combined with a saving in time and labour.

Having established its proposed 'platform', the agency will consider next the aims of the advertising campaign and how these will relate to the general objectives laid down by the ONLINE MARKETING Manager. The first aim of all product advertising must obviously be to tell prospective users that the product exists. As we have seen earlier, however, in a market already crowded by other makes, each possessing similar characteristics, the existence of yet another brand, largely indistinguishable in its general quality, utility and appearance, from any of the others, will make little or no impression upon its potential users. It is here that the artificially created identity of the product, those special features designed to attract and maintain recognition-distinctive shape, distinctive pack design, above all, distinctive brand name-will give it a personality, which, because it is unique, will set it apart from its rivals. Once recognition has been achieved, the other basic aim of the advertising campaign, which is acceptance for the advertising 'platform' or selling theme, can be pursued.

The agency will now present to the ONLINE MARKETING Manager, for his approval, its proposals for the advertising campaign. These will include not only the basic 'platform' or theme, but also suggested media for the propagation of this theme with a view to achieving the greatest impact upon the market in pursuance of the general ONLINE MARKETING objectives.

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The Trade is, of course, a major source of product ideas. All manufacturers examine, with avid interest, the new products of their competitors.