3. Direct E-Mail

3. Direct E-Mail

3. Direct Mail

The use of Direct Mail as a means of selling goods by mail order has been increasing steadily in recent years. The essential difference between this method and that of Enquiry Follow-up, is that with Direct Mail the names of prospective customers are obtained by means other than press advertising. Use is made of the mailing lists of the Direct Mail houses, firms which specialize in the supply of names and addresses of people who are likely to be interested in the purchase of various services or types of merchandise. Apart from these sources, manufacturers using the Direct Mail approach cull names from telephone directories and professional lists or lease mailing lists from other mail order firms ONLINE MARKETING non-competing products.

The advantage of Direct Mail over rival methods is again one of economy. Instead of spending money on advertising, which is directed to all the readers of a journal, many of whom will have no interest in one's particular product, Direct Mail directs the sales message to a mailing list of people with known specific interests. One may assume, for example, that a Direct Mail campaign for gardening equipment using a mailing list of the names of people known to have recently purchased rosebushes through the post will be received with far greater interest among those approached than would an advertisement for the same gardening equipment projected towards the very varied readership of a Sunday newspaper.

It must be emphasized that mail order trading is a highly specialized field which should not be entered into lightly. For the ONLINE MARKETING Manager who decides that the conventional distribution channels-via the wholesaler or direct to the retailer-provide him with insufficient control over his ONLINE MARKETING programme, mail order may have much to offer. He should approach the subject with some humility, conscious of the fact that its techniques are not learned in a day and that he will probably need to create a specialist team of people with experience in this field if he is to achieve the best results.

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