Existing Impressions

Existing Impressions

What is the Existing Impression the Firm Creates?

The answers will be found by some elementary opinion research conducted among:

A. the company's senior and junior management personnel;

B. the office and sales staff;

C. existing and potential customers' personnel.

An attempt to canvas the views of the company's employees on so emotive a subject as their opinion of the firm for which they work, can produce a highly inaccurate response if carried out by a member of the firm's management team. The best results will be obtained if this enquiry is put into the hands of an outside agency, experienced in this kind of work. Use of a prepared questionnaire, which provides for answers of the 'yes' and 'no' type only, is desirable and a pledge of strict secrecy to the respondents is essential.

When questioning the personnel of the company's existing or potential customers, it is usual for a Public Relations agency to disguise the identity of its client. This can be achieved by making the subject of the survey a general one, aimed at discovering the opinions of user firms with regard to all suppliers of a particular product or service. This will ensure a far less inhibited response to those questions which have been designed to elicit the views of respondents concerning the client company.

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