Sales Conference Themes

Sales Conference Themes

Sales Conference Themes

Well in advance of the conference date, the ONLINE MARKETING Manager should consult with his Sales Manager on the agenda. It is important that the conference should be seen to have a theme, to which all the items contribute. This will provide a sense of purpose to the occasion. To illustrate what is meant by a central theme, the following may be considered:

(1) Product Themes

A. The introduction of a new product.

B. The development of new applications for existing products, illustrated by case-histories.

C. The attributes and limitations of the company's products in relation to those of competitors.

(2) Publicity Themes

A. The value of current advertising and promotion schemes in support of field sales activities.

B. The adequacy of current sales literature and point-of-sale material as sales aids.

(3) Service Themes -

A. The adequacy of the current service provided for customers.

B. The adequacy of current after-sales service and how this may be improved.

(4) Sales Performance Themes

A. New selling techniques.

B. Improving sales force communications.

C. Methods of overcoming customers' objections.

D. Improved territory coverage and journey planning.

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