To begin the personalization of the product we must give it a name. Arriving at a suitable name is almost as difficult as arriving at a suitable product. Once again, there are many hazards to be faced. The most important is the question of legal registration. Unlesra brand name can be registered legally, not only in the home market but in overseas markets as well, it will be valueless.

Names for brands which are appropriate and likely to have good appeal are not easily arrived at. Any name which is likely, however indirectly, to lead to possible association or confusion with an existing product name will invite objections. In the more fiercely contested markets of foodstuffs and toiletries it is not uncommon for several proposed names to be refused because of Objections before a name is finally found which can be registered. When we come to choose a designation for our new product, therefore, it will be as well to have a choice of several names.

Any names considered for products must be devoid of double-meaning or of unpleasant associations. We must consider the display aspects of the name. The shorter it is the better.

It must be easy to pronounce. In this connection one must remember overseas markets and the degree of facility with which the name can be pronounced by people to whom English is a foreign language.

Some manufacturers prefer to have a brand name to cover a range of products rather than a separate brand name for each of their lines. One of the advantages of an 'umbrella' arrangement of this kind is that only one brand name has to be promoted. All promotional expenditure is concentrated and that one name can be more extensively promoted than would be the case with, perhaps, half a dozen individual product names. However, there is the danger that, if the nature of the products sheltering under this single 'umbrella' name differs widely, their association with the brand image may not be close enough.

There are many devices for getting names for new products. One can run a competition among consumers and invite their suggestions. It must be remembered, of course, that the replies will not constitute a true cross-section of the market. An alternative method is to invite a cross-section of consumers to suggest a name and to select the majority decision.

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