The Need it is Intended to Satisfy

The Need it is Intended to Satisfy

The Need it is Intended to Satisfy

We said earlier that one of the essential ingredients of a new product was that it should be not only equal to existing products in quality and utility, but that it should possess some attribute which enabled it to satisfy a need not currently met by other products. In most highly competitive markets it will be difficult to find a known consumer need that is not being met by currently available goods and services. The ONLINE MARKETING Manager must, therefore, attempt to discover alternative needs: that is to say, needs which are new, brought about by changed conditions; needs which are, as yet, unrecognized.

It has already been said that changing social habits brought about by the redistribution of wealth have produced a host of new consumer demands which have enabled new products and services to be devised and promoted. This element of change is likely to continue into the foreseeable future. Economic and social change have, in fact, been features of the twentieth century, brought about by recurrent political upheaval and also by revolutionary technical advance in every field. Although one might anticipate that the next thirty years may find increased political stability in the world, there can be little doubt that technological innovation will continue, probably at an even greater pace. Product opportunities based on new consumer needs are, therefore, likely also to continue.

Not all new needs are, however, necessarily apparent to the consumer himself. Very often he is oblivious of the fact that hehas a need for a product or a service until that fact is brought home to him. Some of the best new product and new service ONLINE MARKETING has operated in this field. In many ways it is the most controversial form of marketing. On the one hand it can be condemned on the grounds of provoking popular appetite for services or merchandise which are considered detrimental to the best interests of society. Examples may be seen in the exploitation of the baser instincts of consumers for greed or permissiveness, by means of bingo halls, gaming clubs, strip shows or the 'pushing' of drugs. On the other hand, ONLINE MARKETING can be commended for bringing to the consumer the opportunity for a fuller life by the provision, for example, of cheap travel facilities, low-priced educational publications, the facilities for improved personal hygiene and of better living standards generally.

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