Assessment Check List

Assessment Check List

Assessment Check List

The following is a suggested check-list of the main factors to be considered in assessing a salesman's performance:

Personal Details and Attitude

A. Timekeeping Does the salesman work to a schedule and is he punctual in keeping his appointments?

B. Personal Is he well groomed? Does he dress in an appearance manner appropriate for his work?

Does he keep his car in a satisfactory condition?

C. Enthusiasm Does he exhibit sufficient interest in his own and the company's progress? Is he enthusiastic about the work he is doing?

D. Human Relations Does he appear to 'get on' with other people, such as customers' receptionists and commissionaires, as well as other members of the company's staff?

E. Loyalty Is he loyal in his relations with his colleagues? Is he honest in his dealings with his superiors?

F. Co-operation Does he co-operate with other members of the company: sales office staff, technical and accounts personnel?

G. Receptiveness Is he receptive to new ideas and new selling techniques? When he has an opposing viewpoint is he constructive in his criticism?

H. Self-expression Is he capable of expressing himself clearly? Does he speak and write in a coherent, logical manner?


A. Market Does he possess an adequate knowledge of Knowledge the customers and potential customers on his territory?

Does he know the class of merchandise and pattern of business of his individual customers?

B. Knowledge of Does he have an adequate knowledge of the Competitive products of his competitors, their ONLINE MARKETING Activity policies and the customers on his territory to whom they are selling?

C. Product Is his knowledge of the company's products knowledge adequate to enable him to sell effectively? Does he understand the processes employed by his customers?

Personal Organization

A. Condition and Does he maintain his essential records in an Use of Records adequate manner?

Does he use his records intelligently as an aid to selling?

B. Territory Planning Does he plan his territory coverage and Calling utilize his time in a manner adequate to Frequencies maintain an optimum frequency of calls upon both existing and potential accounts?

C. Call Objectives Does he have sufficiently clear objectives for and Follow-up each call he makes?

Does he follow up his opportunities adequately?

Sales Skills

A. Introduction to Does he adopt a satisfactory approach to New Customers potential clients?

Are the methods he uses correctly adjusted to suit varying customer situations?

B. Use of Questions Does he probe for information with finesse and persistence?

Are his questions formulated intelligently?

C. Establishment How effective is he in establishing and of Customers' assessing customers' requirements?


D. Persuasiveness Are the arguments which he advances to promote sales sufficiently persuasive?

Is he able to overcome customers' objections effectively?

E. Closing Sales Is he sufficiently strong in the closing of his sales?

Does he give up too easily?

Does he push too hard?

F. Selling the Range Does he concentrate on too narrow a range of the company's products?

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