Marketing and the Sales Department

Marketing and the Sales Department

Marketing and the Sales Department 89

selling is a flexible mental attitude to meet the widely varying situations which can occur in business negotiations. The Sales Manager must be concerned, however, if he finds that his salesmen, left entirely to their own devices, are straying too far away from the guiding principles which he has prescribed. Every company should have a basic philosophy behind its selling approach. We have seen that it is one of the functions of ONLINE MARKETING to influence all the appropriate resources of the organization which have a bearing upon the satisfaction of the market's needs. It is not enough to train salesmen and let them loose upon one's customers. They must be 'kept in line' to ensure that they do their jobs in the way that one wants the jobs to be done. The more intelligent, resourceful and self-motivated they are, the more such men need to be controlled and guided.

The term Sales Force Improvement is, perhaps a more acceptable description than the word retraining, to experienced salesmen who have acquired knowledge and success in their work and who may, not unnaturally, resent the suggestion that they are in need of being 'retrained'. Only the most obstinate will deny that they have something to gain from an organized attempt to improve upon their existing performance.

Sales Force Improvement sessions should take place at fairly frequent intervals and be attended by all members of the sales team, regardless of their degree of experience or length of service. A series of lectures should be given on the various aspects of selling the company's products to provide guidance on the latest selling techniques and to remind experienced salesmen of some of the points of their basic training which they have either forgotten or ignored during the interim. Above all, the current attitude of mind of the management-where it thinks the company is going, and why-should be discussed as fully as possible.

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